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Winter GET BETTER Non-Contact Workouts

3rd-8th Grade Boys / Girls • Winter • Oakbrook Park District

Non-Contact Skill Development


We are known for our high energy skill development workouts in a group setting. These workouts are designed to push you out of your comfort level both physically and mentally. We will show you what is possible when you attack your workouts with great effort and great focus. Players will learn our Breakaway progressions and also how to maximize their minutes in the gym. What separates our training from anyone else is our message inside the workout. Our coaches are passionate about motivating and inspiring our players to learn how to embrace the process of being successful at anything. The lessons the game should teach is always our #1 Focus.

These Friday evening classes are designed with 1 hour of non-contact skill development. We show our players what truly is possible when you attack your practice with great focus and great effort. The FUN is all about seeing yourself get better and gain confidence along the way.

Skills that will be focused on will be:

  • Single Ball Progression
  • Heavy Ball Progression
  • 2 Ball Progression Dribble and Pass
  • Finishing Moves
  • Catch and Shoot Progression
  • Off the Dribble Shooting
  • Triple Threat Attack
  • Moving without the Ball



(Red Court) JAN 22,29, FEB 5, 12

Group Time
3rd-5th Grade Boys / Girls 6:40PM-7:40PM
5th-7th Grade Boys / Girls 7:45PM-8:45PM

Oak Brook Park District Recreation Center

1450 Forest Gate Road
Oak Brook, IL 60523