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Thanksgiving Break Clinic

Thanksgiving Break Clinic
 1st-8th Grade Boys / Girls

Ball Handling • Shooting • Game play



Players will have the opportunity to sign up for Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Wednesday based on your school calendar. Each day will be a different skill focus and game play focus. On the final day players will compete in a 3 on 3 regular season and tournament Breakaway style. All players will receive a Breakaway Dri-Fit , but only the 3 on 3 Champs will receive Breakaway Under Armour Hoodies! 


3rd-8th grade Weekly Focus

Day 1: Ballhandling, Passing, Finishing, 1 on 1

Day 2: Shooting and 3 on 3 game play

Day 3: 3 on 3 Regular Season and Tournament


1st-2nd grade Weekly Focus

Day 1:  Ballhandling, Passing,  1 on 1

Day 2: Ballhandling, Finishing, 3 on 3 Cut Throat Breakaway Style

Day 3: Ballhandling, Finishing,  3 on 3 Cut Throat Breakaway Style Tourney

When and Where?