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Sunday Night Shooting

Clinic focused on shooting

Sunday Nights • 1st-12th Grade Boys / Girls

°This class will sell out!°


This winter we will be hosting our Sunday Night Shooting clinics.  This will be a clinic where our players get a chance to focus simply on their shooting and building confidence. This clinic has sold out the last five years straight.

Form shooting, spin-outs, dribble outs, catch and shoot, off the dribble, off the catch, and motion shooting will all be covered.

The last week all of our players will go through the Breakaway Shooting Competitions

Players will be broken down into groups of 5 per coach to allow for maximum reps.

How great of a shooter your child develops into will once again come down to them and their willingness to commit and make positive changes in their shot to help them in the long run.

However, we can provide your child with the proper tools as well as the positive messages, constructive feedback, and mental approach it takes to develop into a great shooter.

Below is the structure of the 6 weeks:

  • Week 1: Catch and Shoot Jump Shots
  • Week 2: Catch and Shoot Jump Shots
  • Week 3: Catch and Rip Strong Side 1 and 2 dribble pull-ups
  • Week 4: Catch and Rip Crossover Step 1 and 2 dribble pull-ups
  • Week 5: Motion Shooting Series ( Curls and Flares)
  • Week 6: Breakaway Shooting Competitions