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Skills Academy

@ Connect 44 Center • 1514 S. Main St • Lombard

3rd-8th Grade Boys & Girls
(Split up by age, gender and skill level)

Skill Development • Gameplay • Breakaway Message

June 12-15
9:00-11:30AM - Morning session

July 17-20
9:00-11:30AM - Morning session


In this academy, players will learn all the necessary offensive skills to begin helping to take their game to another level. Skills such as dribbling, passing, finishing, and shooting will be the focus of this academy. Each day will be a new skill to learn proper technique and get a ton of great reps in. How well you dribble, pass, and shoot is important in basketball, however skills such as work ethic, communication, and competitive spirit are equally as important. If you have all the basketball skills down, but lack in the other three areas you will struggle between the lines. This academy will focus on the complete player and all the different skills that can help you separate yourself from the competition.

Players will work through the following progressions:

• Stationary single ball dribbling series
• Single ball on the move using our change of direction series and freeze series
• Single ball passing series
• Single ball passing on the move series
• Finishing school and learning our 5 finishes
• Form shooting with and without the ball to learn proper technique
• Footwork breakdown off the catch and off the dribble
• Catch and shoot series
• Shooting off the dribble series
• Skills challenges and competitions
• 1 v 1 game play
• 2 v 2 game play
• 3 v 3 game play

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