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Scorers Academy

@ Connect 44 Center • 1514 S. Main St • Lombard

3rd-8th Grade Boys & Girls
(Split up by age, gender and skill level)

Skill Development • Gameplay • Breakaway Message

June 19-22
12:30-3:00PM - Afternoon session

July 10-13
12:30-3:00PM - Afternoon session


Everyone loves to score. It is typically the second question a player is asked when they are young, “How many points did you score?” Did you win or lose is usually question #1. The game of basketball becomes a ton more fun when you begin to develop the ability to make plays for yourself and others. In this academy players will learn skills that will help them become more of a scoring threat and develop that scoring mentality. To become a scorer players must first have confidence in dribbling the basketball. Once a player has their hands working, now we can focus on their feet. Great footwork becomes the area where scorers gain the advantage. This will be a great opportunity to become more confident in your ability to score the basketball, but doing it the right way to help your team.

Players will work through the following progressions:

• Stationary single ball dribbling series
• Single ball on the move using our change of direction series and freeze series
• Single ball combo moves series
• Learning how to change speeds with and without the ball
• Catch and shoot series
• Shooting off the dribble using our change of direction and freeze series dribbles
• Catch and rip series both strong side and cross over step
• Adding the jab and the shot fake to your game
• Being a screener and using screens
• 1 v 1 Competition
• 3 v 3 Game Play