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Holiday Follow Your Shot


Shooting Focused Clinic • K-8th Grade Boys & Girls

December 26,27,28 & 29  @ Lions Rec Center - Mt Prospect

January 2, 3 & 5 @ The Community House - Hinsdale

°This class will sell out!°


When calling it the " Follow Your Shot Clinic" we are poking fun at one of the biggest misconceptions that most players are told when learning how to shoot from the perimeter. At this clinic, you will learn why great shooters don't practice following their shot and concentrate on something completely different.

Progressions that will be taught:

  • Feet, Stance, Form, Mentality in that order- Our shooters are built like a house- foundation first.
  • Catch and Shoot Footwork
  • Off the Dribble Footwork
  • Using Screens and Setting Screens
  • Becoming a Threat Without The Ball
  • Building the Breakaway Shooting Mindset

Bonus Features of the Clinic:

  • Personal Stories from the Breakaway coaches who have broken shooting records of their own
  • The Final Day will consist of shooting competitions:

Awards will be given to the following:

  • Hot Shot Challenge
  • Free Throw Challenge
  • 3pt Challenge
  • In a Row Challenge

Shooting is the most difficult skill to be great at in basketball because it takes the most discipline, a very strong commitment level, a willingness to build the right habits for the future, and will take the most time on your own. No coach can make any player a great shooter, GREAT gets used to describe shooters because of the lessons they have learned and their willingness to work while others won't. Great shooters just don't shoot at practice or in games, they shoot all the time. Great shooters love the process and love repetition. This clinic is for the focused player who really is starting to enjoy the process.