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Skill Development and 3 vs 3 • 3rd-8th Grade Boys / Girls •1 Week Clinic

June 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 
@ OBPD • The Community House - Hinsdale • Connect 44 Center - Lombard

°This class will sell out!°


At Breakaway we constantly teach how learning how to COMPETE and challenge ourselves to get better is one of the main goals we are after. The willingness to give great effort along with the X factor to becoming better - GREAT FOCUS!

In this camp, we will create an environment where players will be forced to compete and communicate. Communication is another skill at Breakaway that we find is hindering many youth players. Due to technology and cell phones, texting is the preferred method of communication. Great players and great teams communicate! However, just like dribbling, passing, and shooting- communication is a skill. A skill that must be practiced daily. We must hold our players accountable to do a better job communicating and we do that best by leading by example.


Players will spend the first 45 minutes of every session on individual and team skill development concepts. The following 30 minutes players will play live 3 on 3 Half Court Games. After Day 1 players will be placed on a permanent team where records will be kept. On the final day players will COMPETE in a 3 on 3 tournament and team challenges.

Skills that will be covered:

  • -Stationary Ballhandling Series
  • -On the Move Dribbling Series
  • -Passing Progression
  • -Finishing School
  • -Pass/Cut
  • -Pass/Screen Away
  • -Drive/Kick
  • -Defending the ball
  • -1 pass away (Gap)
  • -P2 pass away (Help)

Benefits of COMPETE:

  • -Learn HOW To Play- Not Just Play
  • -More Scoring and Playmaking Opportunities
  • -Transfer Individual Skills in Game Situations
  • -Accountability on Defense and Offense
  • -Forced Communication both on and off the court
  • -Positive Coaching

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