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 3rd-12th Grade Boys / Girls

•Our Sunday Night Scrimmage Program•

♦Includes Under Armour Breakaway Reversible♦

°This class will sell out!°


Every Sunday night players will come in and spend 15 minutes working on a specific skill of the night such as ball handling, passing, finishing, and shooting. The remaining 45 minutes players will spend every week COMPETING against each other in different scrimmage opportunities. Our progression system will help players build on “ How To Play” as opposed to just letting them play. Sunday nights will be a great way to transfer the skills they are working on during the week and also work on one of the most important skills every player must possess and that is the ability to COMPETE! Being a smart and skilled player is a great thing, but the most important skill is competitive spirit. Helping your child learn how to compete against themselves to GET BETTER and then eventually learning how to COMPETE and give their best against others will be a strong focus on these Sundays. 


Week 1: 3 on 3 Half Court Game Play

Week 2: Breakaway Progression King of the Court

Week 3: 3 on 3 Full Court- Short Court

Week 4: 4 on 4 Full Court Short Court

Week 5: 4 on 4 Full Court- Big Court

Week 6: Championship Day

When and Where?