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Basketball has taken me around the world to see the game I love and how it is played. I believe that in the states our younger players are playing in way too many games and not doing enough skill development. It is in practice that you learn life skills that can be carried away from the game into the real world. When all you do is play in games, you continue to do what you are good at and play it safe. However, the only way to grow as a player and as a person is to recognize weaknesses and then spend hours turning those weaknesses into strengths.

I also feel that players need to be shown what working hard really means and what a strong work ethic looks like. I did not become a successful basketball player because I played in games all year round. I became a success because I was taught how to practice and what working hard truly meant. I was shown many different ways to become a better player, but the key was taking that knowledge and then working on my own. In the gym or in the driveway, working by yourself is truly when you have the opportunity to become great. What you do when no one else is watching is the key to being a success.