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Ball Handling Academy

@ Connect 44 Center • 1514 S. Main St • Lombard

3rd-8th Grade Boys & Girls
(Split up by age, gender and skill level)

Skill Development • Gameplay • Breakaway Message

June 5-8
9:00-11:30AM - Morning session

June 26-29
July 24-27
12:30-3:00PM - Afternoon session



Dribbling is the most important skill for every player to develop to begin learning how to play and most importantly having fun when they play. Once you begin to dribble with confidence you then can make plays for yourself and others. Players that begin to dribble with confidence also become better passers because they now have their eyes UP and begin to pass when people are open. Once players begin to dribble with confidence they also begin to finish around the basket with both their right and left hand. Lastly once players have the confidence to dribble and not look at the ball or be afraid it is going to be stolen, that is when a player is now ready to learn HOW TO PLAY! In this academy players will be taught the proper skills in how to dribble, pass, and finish around the basket. We will also translate those skills in live game situations.

Players will work through the following progressions:

• Stationary single ball dribbling series
• Single ball on the move using our change of direction series and freeze series
• Single ball combo moves series
• Two ball stationary series
• Two ball on the move series
• Single ball passing series
• Single ball passing on the move series
• Two ball passing series
• 2 player and 3 player passing on the move series
• Finishing school and learning our 5 finishes
• Ball handling, passing, and finishing competitions
• 1 v 1 game play
• 2 v 2 game play
​​​​​​​• 3 v 3 game play

When and Where?

Connect 44 Center

1514 S Main St
Lombard, IL 60148