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Breakaway Basketball is the largest skill development program in Illinois.

Training over 12,000 players a year and partnering with over 500 travel teams to provide in-season skill development training.

Breakaway Basketball is for every player who wants to get better.  Whether it is day one of a player's basketball journey, or they are preparing for the draft, Breakaway is here to coach players on that journey.

Our players get better.  Dribble, pass and shoot.  Check, Check, and Check.  If that is all we did, we know we would be missing a tremendous opportunity to help our players get better as players and as people.

All of our coaches have had their lives changed by the game of basketball, and we are passionate about doing that for every player that steps on our court.  

Our players understand that becoming great at basketball, or anything else, is a process.  That process takes focus, hard work, perseverance, and patience.  Once our players understand that, it is the key to becoming great at basketball or whatever they one day become passionate about.